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Planetary Vacuum Mixer, MT/LMT Series

Description / Working Principle

Core Stirring Paddle: 

The patented internal kneading planetary propeller adopts the integrated molding process of 3D printing investment casting and CNC multi-axis linkage compound processing (turning-grinding-polishing), and the more optimized cross-sectional shape has lower resistance and lower energy consumption. 4-5 times more efficient than ordinary paddles (compared to ordinary pentagonal twist paddles).  

Technical Features

1. The gears are all carburized and quenched with high-quality alloy steel, the ring gear is surface-hardened with high-quality alloy steel, and all gears are ground.
2. The planet carrier and bearing seat are welded with cast steel or high-carbon steel and annealed to eliminate stress. The box and planet carrier are optimized to make the bearing capacity higher.
3. A high degree of modular design can standardize many basic parts, which is more economical in mass production, effectively reduces inventory, and improves supply speed.
4. Adopt roller bearings with appropriate specifications, and the bearings on the stressed parts adopt imported brands.
5. The radial skeleton oil seal is used for both the planetary shaft and the dispersed shaft, and the double-sleeve pressure-resistant oil seal is used for the radially loaded shaft.
6. A wealth of accessories is optional and it can be combined with other products of our company to form a production line system with more functions.   

Application Fields

◎Polymer lithium-ion battery fluid ◎Liquid lithium-ion battery fluid ◎Electronic electrode paste ◎Polyurethane sealant ◎Silicone sealant ◎Adhesive ◎Mold glue ◎Anaerobic adhesive ◎Cosmetics ◎Ink ◎Pigment ◎Ointment ◎Electronics ◎Chemical industry  ◎Food  ◎Pharmaceuticals ◎Building materials ◎Pesticide    

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Processing of products with very high viscosities

Homogeneous mixing of a wide variety of components

Extremely short mixing times for very high-quality results

Product-specific mixing and dispersing elements

Easy-to-clean design

Direct measurement of product temperature via rotating thermosensor

Variable speed and independent dispersion drive

Vacuum-tight and explosion-proof models for option

From laboratory-scale to large production-scale machines

Easily exchangeable mixing tools