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Mass Production Pin Nano Bead Mills, NT-V Series

Technical Indicators

Output Fineness: 100nm-2μm
Zirconia Bead Size: 0.2-2.0mm
Available for Material Viscosity ≤30,000CPS
Separation System: Screen Separator
Grinding Structure: Pin
Solvent System: Water-based / Solvent-based
Optional Materials: Tungsten Carbide/ Polyurethane/Zirconia/ Silicon Carbide /Silicon Nitride    

Technical Features

1. High-efficiency pin-type grinding structure is suitable for continuous and circular production of nano-scale grinding with a large flow rate. 

Production efficiency can be increased by 30-50% after being integrated into the production line; 
2. The newly upgraded, more accurate, and stable operating system, in which flow rate can be set on the PLC and a new safety production protection function is added;
3. High-Efficiency Grinding: 1.3-1.5 times that of other equipment with the same power rate;
4. Stable Temperature Control: for equipment temperature control 38℃ - 45℃ without a heat exchanger;
5. Low Unit Energy Consumption:  unit energy consumption reduced by 21.7%;
6. Flexible change of chamber linear materials for grinding materials requirements;
7. Available for a wide range of material viscosity;
8. Low-temperature material output control with an effective grinding chamber cooling system;    

Application Fields

Nano New Materials, Lithium Iron Phosphate, Nano Silicon, Graphite, Inkjet Inks, Ceramic Inks, Magnetic Materials, Pharmaceuticals, Biologics, Electronic Ceramics, Aluminum Oxide, Zirconium Silicate, Cosmetics, Insulation Coatings, Automobile Paints    

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