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Single Power Vertical Nano Bead Mills, LS-Q5

Technical Indicators

Output Fineness: 80nm-200nm

Zirconia Bead Size: 0.03-0.3mm
Separation System: Centrifugal Separation
Grinding Structure: New Model Turbo/Pin    

Technical Features

1. No dead angle in the grinding chamber, high efficiency, and narrow particle size distribution;
2. No grinding beads leakage, low wear rate of separator
3. Centrifugal non-screen bead separation system with smaller zirconium beads;
4. No screen separation, no clogging, and maintenance-free;
5. Zirconia beads have longer service time without sieving; 
6. Optional core structural parts' materials selection for different materials grinding, no pollution, and less wear rate;
7. Double check valve for ultra-fine grinding to prevent backflow of grinding media;
8. Special mechanical seal for vertical bead mill, no leakage, stable and reliable performance, low energy consumption, and low heat generation;    

Application Fields

Lithium Iron Phosphate, Electronic Ceramics, Zirconia/Silicon Oxide, Barium Titanate, Nano New Materials, MLCC, High-end Capacitor