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Low Speed Agitator (Stirring) Kettles, GB

General / Key Performance

Type: Cylindrical

Capacity: 70L-1,800L

Mixer Type: Anchor Impeller

Function: Mixing, Dissolving, Dispersing

Application: Liqiud, Liquid with Suspended, Viscous Fluid

Structure: Compact

Material: Stainless Steel

Core Components: Drive Motor

Option: Vacuum, Manhole, Cooling and/or Insulation Jacket, Meters, Sensors, Casters

Description / Working Principle

LONGLY GB Series Low Speed Agitator Kettles are mixing vessels that efficiently mixes high viscosity materials. They can also be used as transit storage tanks to prevent slurry layering and precipitation. The tank can be made into single-layer, double-layer jacket with cooling function, three-layer with insulation cotton, etc.

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