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High Speed Dispersing Kettles, GF

General / Key Performance

Type: Cylindrical

Capacity: 70L-1,800L

Mixer Type: Dispersing Disc

Function: Mixing, Dissolving, Dispersing

Application: Liqiud, Liquid with Suspended, Viscous Fluid

Structure: Compact

Material: Stainless Steel

Core Components: Drive Motor

Option: Vacuum, Manhole, Cooling and/or Insulation Jacket, Meters, Sensors, Casters

Description / Working Principle

High Speed Dispersing Kettles from LONGLY are designed for liquids or solid-liquid dispersing, dissolving and mixing. High speed dispersing results in even distribution of particle sizes. They are available in open, enclosed or completely enclosed (vacuum) structures. The tank can be made into single-layer, double-layer jacket with cooling function, three-layer with insulation cotton, etc.

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