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Nano High-Speed Disperser, GF-Series

Description / Working Principle

After the slurry enters the dispersing chamber, under the high-speed rotation of the dispersing wheel, it passes through the dispersing hole and then quickly leaves the dispersing wheel.
And it returns to the inside of the dispersing wheel for the next cycle after a strong impact on the wall of the outer barrel.
In repeated circulation, the large particles of agglomerates in the slurry are rapidly dispersed under the combined action of the laminar flow effect, turbulent flow effect, and cavitation effect, which can effectively break up the agglomerates,  so that the material is dispersed very uniformly, ensuring the consistency of the slurry. The internal structure is not damaged. 

Technical Features

1. Using a high-speed and high-frequency servo motor and supporting controller, the operation is stable and reliable, and long service life;
2. The unique design of the dispersion wheel and dispersion barrel structure perform excellent, especially suitable for the dispersion of ternary materials, graphene, graphene oxide, and other products that are difficult to disperse;
3. The equipment uses 5-7°C chilled water to pre-cool and disperses the slurry to be fully cooled during high-speed dispersion and fully meet the specific process requirements of users.   

Application Fields

 ◎ Lithium battery materials ◎ Diaphragm ◎ Electronic ceramics ◎ Nanomaterials ◎ 5G materials

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