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Pharma & Cosmetics


To meet the highest standards and requirements, machines used in the pharmaceutical industry have to guarantee safe and reproducible production processes in order to achieve precisely defined active substance properties.

We have rich experience in equipping pharmaceutical laboratories and production units for narrowly-distributed finenesses into the nanometer range in order to achieve -

Faster and greater effectiveness

More exact dosing

Fewer side effects

Greater bioavailability

Improved proportional dosing

Elimination of side effects from other foods

More predictable therapeutic effect

Targeted application

Improved safety.

Cosmetics / Personal Hygiene

The cosmetics industry produces personal hygiene and beauty care products, for example -


Face Powder

Lip Balm

Skin Cream



Mascara ...

Our innovative process solutions in mixing, dispersing and wet grinding cosmetics can enhance your product quality while reducing waste. Our equipment portfolio offers powerful and effective solutions, from very liquid to pasty materials.