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Battery Materials

Lithium ion batteries are basically comprised of a negative electrode (anode), a positive electrode (cathode) and a separator membrane. The individual electrodes are made up of conductor foils that are coated with a mixture of binders, active materials and additives (battery slurries).

In addition to the mechanical and thermal resistance of the separators, the key factors for the quality and safety of the batteries are the chemical composition, the shape and particle size distribution of the active materials, the homogeneity and the absence of defects in the coatings on the conductor foils of the electrodes.

LONGLY offers a wide range of solutions for the crucial process steps in LIB cell production. They include an extensive portfolio of machines and equipment for wet grinding, mixing, homogenization, dispersion, separation and deaeration, as well as analysis. Our innovative process solutions are designed to reduce costs and increase yields.

Electrode Slurry Production Line / FTP Production Line

Planetary Mixer for Continuous Electrode Slurrry Mixing

The continuous mixing process is based on a planetary mixer, which combines the basic operations of continuous raw material dosing, pre-mixing, kneading, fine-dispersing and degassing in a single device.

Highly Efficient Wet Grinding of Active Materials and Precursors

Proper preparation of active materials, achieving the right particle size and optimizing slurry for downstream processing, is the basis for high-performance lithium-ion batteries. Our outstanding wet grinding mills and extensive expertise in nanoparticle processing enhance the conversion of your electrode active materials for high-performance lithium-ion batteries.