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Single-stage Horizontal Emulsifier, TRL1-Series

Description / Working Principle

The material moves at high speed in the gap between the multi-layer rotor and the stator, forming strong hydraulic shear and turbulent flow, dispersing the material.
And it simultaneously generates comprehensive forces such as centrifugal extrusion, grinding, and collision, and finally fully mixing stirring, and refining the material to meet the ideal requirements.

Technical Features

1. Manufactured in accordance with EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering Design Group) guidelines;
2. Large workload, low energy consumption, suitable for industrialized and continuous production;
3. Modular design, long service life, no dead ends;
4. All equipment has CIP cleaning/SIP function, automatic design, and PLC system control, can realize full-automatic and semi-automatic control mode switching, save labor, and respond quickly;
5. A closed system can solve the problem of dust during feeding;
6. Wet particles, so as to prevent the formation of agglomerates;
7. The machine has three processes, mixing/homogenizing/dispersing;
8. The cartridge mechanical seal adopts the seal of corrosion-resistant materials, and the maintenance is simple;
9. Different dispersing cutter heads can choose the shear rate, fully and uniformly, improve efficiency,
10. Suitable for wet grinding processes of high-viscosity materials.     

Application Fields

◎Battery and electronics industry ◎Lithium iron phosphate ◎ Coating ◎ Medicine ◎Pesticide