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High Pressure Homogenizer

Working Principle

Under the action of high pressure, the material in the liquid state passes through the homogeneous parts to produce a variety of forces (cavitation effect, shear force, impact effect, etc.) to interact, causing a series of changes in the physical and structural properties of the material, and finally to achieve a homogeneous and refined effect. 

Users can adjust the working pressure and homogenization times of the high-pressure homogenizer according to actual needs to achieve the desired homogenization effect.

Application Fields

Biology, medicine, food, chemical industry, cell disruption, drink homogenization, fine chemical industry, preparation of liposomes, fat emulsions, nanosuspensions, microemulsions, lipid microspheres, emulsions, dairy products, large infusions, dyes, solar panels coatings, conductive coatings, and other products.

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1. It can work continuously under high pressure for a long time; 

2. the parts in contact with materials are made of high-quality stainless steel and oxide ceramics.

3. The sealing ring is custom-processed with imported materials, with a unique structure and long service life. 

4. The high-pressure parts are uniquely designed and easy to maintain. 

5. The homogeneous parts are processed by diamond or other super hard materials, which have the advantages of long service life and good processing effect. 

6. It adopts a touch screen and manual control and is equipped with various safety measures, which are safe and reliable.

(According to the different needs of customers, the temperature and water cooling device can be added).