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Spare Parts & Materials

Over two decades, with thousands of installation worldwide, LONGLY becomes your expert partner for finest dispersion and wet milling down to Nano size particles. We share the same values with our customers in quality and reliablity and pay great attention to services.

"Cheap can be Expensive"

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Ensure the safe, stable, smooth and accurate operation of your equipment

By using original Spare Parts you ensure:

A reliable and guaranteed decision. Remove the element of surprise!

Optimum performance of your machine, same as the very first day

Quality and durability of the parts supplied

A fair price

No risk of damaging the machine or other parts by malfunctioning of non-original parts

Maximizing the value of your machine over its lifetime

Worldwide availability and consistency in quality standards

In LONGLY, over 85% spare and wear parts are self-made in our factory. Quality and lead time are guaranteed. If you have LONGLY machines, you have already made the choice to purchase a first class piece of equipment but also our excellet services.


In LONGLY, each ex-factory machine has an unique identity and all related production data are packed in our server. Once customer inquiry for spare parts or materials we can trace back to all data and produce accordingly.