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Turbo Nano Bead Mills, NT-X Series

Technical Indicators

Output Fineness: 200nm-2μm

Zirconia Bead Size: 0.3-2.0mm
Grinding Structure: Turbo
Separation System: Shaft Separation / Screen Separation / Ceramic Sheet Separation    

Technical Features

1. Large grinding flow in a short time;
2. Isolation plates grinding chamber ensures a high flow rate;
3. Flexible grinding without destroying the shape of the material;
4. Circulation grinding available;
5. Better material-specific surface area;
6. Effective cooling system to prevent rapid heating of materials
7. Suitable for nano-scale grinding of the materials with viscosity in medium and low;
8. Using bead size ≥ 0.3mm;
9. Ceramic or PU grinding materials have zero pollution;
10. PLC automatic control system, lower labor costs;
11. Easy to operate, clean, and maintain;    

Application Fields

Carbon Nanotubes, Nano Ceramics, Printing Inkjet, Barium Titanate, Aluminum Oxide, Barium Carbonate, Varistor, Camera Inks, Zirconia, Printing Inks, Lithium Iron Phosphate,  PZT, Catalyst,  LTCC & MLCC    

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Suitable for high throughputs and highly viscous products

Suitable for pass mode and circulation mode

Gentle hydrodynamic processing

Low energy consumption due to the hydraulic acceleration of the grinding beads

Efficient grinding with bead diameters from 0.3 mm

Uniform distribution of the grinding bead density in the grinding chamber for maximum effectiveness

Milling of temperature-sensitive products enabled by highly efficient cooling of the grinding chamber

Easy and ergonomic handling of the machine for extremely fast product changes

Optional PLC process control system