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  • Q: Does LONGLY provide on-site services for my LONGLY equipment?

    Yes, LONGLY offers on-site services for customer when requested. Please feel free to contact us for Field Service & Support.

  • Q: I need to relocate some equipment. Can LONGLY assist?

    Yes, please Contact Us with your specific request and we will supply the information you need to help relocate the equipment in question.

  • Q: Does LONGLY provide training for their customer’s maintenance employees?

    Yes, LONGLY presents an annual Service Webinar for education & training. It is also a platform for aftersales

  • Q: I am working on a solution for an unique production line, how can LONGLY be of assistance?

    Please Ask The Expert for your tailored solution and we commit to customer satisfaction from design to production to after sales support.

  • Q: Does LONGLY provide Retrofits & Upgrades services?

    Yes, LONGLY machines can deliver extended lifetimes through Retrofits & Upgrades on many components of our equipment to better serve you. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Q: Can I request a Lab Trial for my product?

    Yes, LONGLY provides Laboratory Services for trials on behalf of individual customers and for tests of new developed products. It is a fast and economic method of determining suitable process parameters. A wide range of production mills are also available in the process technology syudy center for trials under real conditions with larger product batches.

  • Q: Does LONGLY accept EPC Contract Projects?

    Yes, we are your trusted EPC Contractor for Complete Production Lines & Entire Plants Engineering. Over two decades, we have delivered more than 200 EPC Projects with proven performance all around the world.

  • Q: How do I get an origional part for replacement?