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Pin Micron Bead Mills, LDM-D Series

Technical Indicators

Output Fineness: 1-15μm
Available for Material Viscosity ≤20,000CPS
Zirconia Bead Size: 0.3-2.0mm
Separation System: Dynamic Screen Separator
Grinding Structure: Pin
Optional Materials: Tungsten Carbide/ Polyurethane/Zirconia/Wear-resistant Steel
Solvent System: Water-based / Oil-based    

Technical Features

1. Large screen flow area for high throughputs;
2. High-efficiency grinding of materials with viscosity in medium and low;
3. Simple appearance, compact structure, and convenient operation;
4. Suitable for continuous production or batch production, easy to change colors and clean;
5. A front discharge valve to reduce material residue;
6. Introduced German mechanical seal technology with safe and reliable performance along with effective cooling;
7. Automatic pressure protection device to ensure stable pressure in the grinding chamber; all-round automatic protection system for electrical appliances, safe to use;
8. Optional grinding structure materials, such as super wear-resistant steel, polymer, polyurethane, ceramics, German hardened steel, etc.;
9. High-Quality Ceramics for no color mix of white materials grinding, PU chamber linear and internal components ensure zero metal pollution;    

Application Fields

Automobile Paints, Furniture Paints, Industrial Paints, Inks, Pigments, Dyes, Color Pastes, Pesticide, Magnetic Materials