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Large Flow Disc Bead Mills, LSM-B Series

Technical Indicators

Output Fineness: 5μm-25μm
Available for Material Viscosity ≤20,000CPS
Zirconia Bead Size: 0.6-2.0mm
Separation System: Screen Separator
Grinding Structure: Disc    

Technical Features

1. Suitable for continuous production or batch production, easy to change colors and clean;
2. Simple appearance, compact structure, and convenient operation;
3. A front discharge valve to reduce material residue;
4. Introduced German mechanical seal technology with safe and reliable performance along with effective cooling;
5. Automatic pressure protection device to ensure stable pressure in the grinding chamber; all-round automatic protection system for electrical appliances, safe to use;
6. Optional grinding structure materials, such as super wear-resistant steel, polymer, polyurethane, ceramics, German hardened steel, etc.;
7. High-Quality Ceramics for no color mix of white materials grinding, PU chamber linear and internal components ensure zero metal pollution;    

Application Fields

Automobile Paints, Furniture Paints, Industrial Paints, Electrophoretic Paints, Anti0corrosion Paints, Leather Paints, Various Coatings, Printing Inks, Pigments/Dyes/Color Pastes, Carbon Black, Pesticide, Rubber    

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Suitable for high throughputs and highly viscous products

Suitable for pass mode and circulation mode

Gentle hydrodynamic processing

Low energy consumption due to hydraulic acceleration of the grinding beads

Efficient grinding with bead diameters from 0.3 mm

Uniform distribution of the grinding bead density in the grinding chamber for maximum effectiveness

Milling of temperature-sensitive products enabled by highly efficient cooling of the grinding chamber

Easy and ergonomic handling of the machine for extremely fast product changes

Optional PLC process control system