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Vertical Mixing Emulsifier, LRH Series

Description / Working Principle

Displacement pump or from a pressurized feed system inlet into the liquid phase. The liquid injection is distributed to the coaxial drum of the LY vertical mixing emulsifier, and enters the pre-mixing chamber through multiple holes;
Use the batching device to vertically feed the solids into the pre-mixing chamber from the top through the chute. The dry material area and the wet material pre-mixing chamber are Separated by the feed screw;
The liquid phase and solid phase are mixed in a certain proportion in the pre-mixing chamber. And when leaving the pre-mixing chamber, immediately by the high shear rotor; 

The mixed product is discharged from the low liquid outlet of the device under the action of gravity and centrifugal force. This unique method of wetting reduces entrapped air in solid /liquid dispersion systems.  

Technical Features

1. Y vertical mixing and emulsifying machine has two horizontal liquid ports and one vertical solid material port.
2. Mixing/homogenization/dispersion is completed continuously on one machine, which is energy-saving, efficient, and stable;
3. According to different materials, the solid content can reach about 80%;
4. Various mixing tools can meet different process requirements;
5. Installing three -a stages dispersing head can reach more optimum particle size, suitable for wet grinding process, and high viscosity materials;
6. Closed system operation, prevents dust and solvent from wetting the particles, thus preventing the formation of agglomerates;
7. Modular design, compact structure, easy to clean;
8. Manufactured according to EHEDG guidelines, with CIP/SIP functions;
9. PLC control, touch screen operation, can realize full-automatic, semi-automatic control mode switching;
10. All parts in contact with liquid are 316L or 316Ti stainless steel, in line with 3A hygienic standard certification;
11. Implementation of explosion-proof according to ATEX95 guidelines;    

Application Fields

◎ Battery and electronics industry ◎ Lithium iron phosphate ◎ Coating ◎ Medicine ◎ Pesticide