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Online Vacuum Defoaming, LTP-Series

Description / Working Principle

With the help of the VTR principle, under the action of vacuum negative pressure, the slurry enters the inner cavity of the degassing machine through the inlet pipe and guides it into the center of the rotating disk.
Driven by the motor to rotate at a high speed, the material forms a thin film on the inner surface of the rotating disk, and flows to the outer surface under the action of centrifugal force, using the friction between the wall surface and the material molecules, and the specific gravity difference between the material and the air bubbles, the tiny air bubbles are released from the inside of the slurry Squeeze it out.
Under the condition of vacuum and negative pressure, impact and break the bubbles. The degassed slurry exerts pressure on the "slurry outflow" connecting pipe under the centrifugal gravity, automatically presses the slurry into the discharging connecting pipe, and flows out through the outlet pipe. Online uninterrupted continuous degassing of materials can be realized. 

Technical Features

1. Short defoaming time, high efficiency, and high quality;
2. Adopt the principle of rotation-film-vacuum to realize online production, widely used in automatic production lines;
3. The modular structure design is adopted, which is convenient for cleaning and easy to operate;
4. The liquid contact material is made of all stainless steel, perfluorinated rubber, and PTEF, and does not pollute the raw material;
5. Can be processed in different viscosity ranges for slurry degassing, the processing capacity can be adjusted by adjusting the motor speed, and the whole process can be switched between fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual modes;
6. No need to add any injection agent, and reducing the cost of materials does not affect the characteristics of materials;
7. MES network interface is provided, which can be connected with the central control host to achieve centralized control and monitoring; 

Application Fields

chemical industry, battery slurry, new energy, ink coating, food, medicine, cosmetics, and other production industries    

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