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Concentric Twin Shaft Agitator Kettles, GS

General / Key Performance

Type: Cylindrical

Capacity: 250L-2,500L

Mixer Type: Gate Impeller and Dispersing Disc

Function: Multifunctional

Application: Liqiud, Liquid with Suspended, Viscous Fluid

Structure: Compact

Material: Stainless Steel

Core Components: Drive Motor

Option: Vacuum, Manhole, Cooling and/or Insulation Jacket, Meters, Sensors, Casters

Description / Working Principle

Concentric Twin Shaft Agitator Kettles from LONGLY consist of a low-speed frame type stirring paddle and a high speed dispersing disc that are moved in concentric rotation to stir, dissolve and disperse medium to high viscosity materials. With the frame type stirring paddle, materials are transferred toward the vessel center and then dispersed by the high speed dispersing disc, thus ensuring an excellent efficiency of dispersing, dissolving and mixing.

The dual shaft mixer can be custom manufactured with mechanical seal and enclosed structure for vacuum operation. The tank can be made into double-layer jacket with cooling function.

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