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Laboratory Bead Mill, NT-V2S

Technical Indicators

Output Fineness: 50nm-350nm

Zirconia Bead Size: 0.05-0.3mm

Separation System: Centrifugal Separation without Screen

◎ Dual Power System for Grinding and for Centrifugal Separation without Screen – no clogging;  

◎ high grinding efficiency and narrow particle size distribution; 

◎ core structure wear parts materials optional for different materials grinding, low wear rate, and easy to use; 

◎ stable performance of Germany mechanical seal technology.

Technical Features

1. R & D equipment, suitable for formula technology verification and difficult academic research in colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, and enterprise laboratories;

2. Capable of milling down materials to 50nm-350nm;

3. Represent the advanced level of materials wet grinding technology experiment;

4. Compatible with various solvent formulations and experimental requirements for the new materials process performance;

5. The performance, and production capacity can be accurately scaled up from small lab trial to large-scale production;

Application Fields

Silicon Carbon Anode, Electrolyte, Electronic Paste, Nano Inkjet, Biomedicine, Non-metallic Mineral Powders, Other New Nanomaterials